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About XEO

The company's head office is in the picturesque Swiss town of Sulgen. From here the company administers the smooth running of the European Sales.

In the beginning of 1997 the co-founders Steven Harris and Adrian Garulay of Xeo Corporation, which was originally based in Boston Ma USA, anticipated the growth of the writable CD market and established a brand based on a harmonious blend of quality and production efficiency rather than price alone.

With this premise always at the fore of their thinking the Xeo Corporation began to develop an increasing market share among customers who appreciated the combination of superb performance and reliability coupled with exceptional value for money. Our research shows that customers who have bought Xeo products once become brand loyal and continue to choose Xeo over other manufacturers.

After a decade of recordable media production XEO diverted into Display Networking products in 2007. The company teamed up with the Anglo-American R&D Chip firm to produce a range of USB graphic cards that enable the connection of multiple displays over the USB ports to the Computer.


New Product: Monitor Plus